Meet our Trainers

All Of Our Trainers Are Certified, Which Means They’ve Been Trained In Anatomy, Physiology, And Nutrition.We Understand That No Two Bodies Are Alike And Will Work With You To Get Fit At The Right Pace.


Aaron Molinsky


Our Founder Aaron Molinsky sparked an interest in the human body and how it works/performs during his schooling to become a firefighter and EMT. The emergency medical field requires fast effective interventions, otherwise the consequences can be fatal. Aaron has applied that same approach to training. In his eighteen years of experience in the fitness and health industry, Aaron and the Spartacore team have tested and gathered data finding the most effective and safe training methods out there. Learning from such mentors as Chris Duffin and Donnie Thompson Aaron learned how to bridge the gap between Physical therapy type approaches to prehab and rehab and the serious performance output of world class powerlifters, making it possible to do the sports we love without unnecessary injuries and the huge waste of time on rehab should an injury occur. 


- Sports Conditioning
- Weight Management
- Strength Training




Matt Black


Matt has many skill sets that aid in working with all walks of life. He approaches his own training with patience and resolve and brings that same attitude to his clients.


- Weightlifting
- Strength Training
- Senior Fitness
- Flexibility
- Posture
- Pain reduction



Bryan Chau

Obstacles whether mental or physical are placed in front of us every day of our lives. I train my clients to build the inner and outer strength to persevere over personal roadblocks and to take on anything that dares to stop them from being the best version of themselves. I’ve struggled with personal demons including severe depression and drug addiction and my journey will always be an ongoing one. My goal is to lend my personal experience to those who have yet to realize their full potential. We live in a superficial world where fad diets and 30 day workouts reign supreme. I believe in teaching my clients how to care for their minds and bodies for the duration of their life and to be strong warriors that take on every challenge. You will either win or you will learn!



Bryan Osuna

Health & Performance Specialist

My mission is to upgrade lives and inspire others to experience more. My COMMITTED HP system is designed to optimize the human condition, allowing clients to look, feel, and most importantly function better. I believe in a comprehensive approach that puts an emphasis on not just movement and nutrition, but also on mindset, recovery, community, education, and life experiences. I believe that these are powerful components that are missing from many wellness programs.


  • ●  BS in Exercise Biology, Dean's List, UC Davis

  • ●  Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NSCA

  • ●  EXOS Performance Specialist, EXOS

  • ●  Certified Personal Trainer, ACSM

  • ●  Spartan SGX Coach, Spartan Race Inc.

  • ●  Orthopedic Specialty Certification, ACE

  • ●  Sports Performance Coach, USA Weightlifting (Olympic Weightlifting)

  • ●  Emergency Medical Technician


  • ●  Functional Optimization: Running, Posture, Lifting (Think “Life Athlete”)

  • ●  Advanced Strength and Conditioning

  • ●  Breathwork

  • ●  Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

  • ●  Sports Specific Performance

  • ●  Goal Setting and Mindset

  • ●  Primal Health, Natural Biohacking, and Longevity

    Achievements: In addition to constantly exploring avenues of wellness, I am currently a world ranked obstacle course racer and competitive trail runner. I have competed at the national or world level in 4 sports. Today I train and compete as an ambassador for athletes who put health first.

  • ●  Spartan Race World Championships - 48th & 60th place finishes.

  • ●  3x Freestyle Wrestling All-American.

  • ●  6 CA state wrestling titles.

  • ●  NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Scholarship, UC Davis

  • ●  2014 Crossfit Open - top 4% world wide.




Cary Spurrier


I am very interested in science, nutrition, fitness, and helping others reach their goals. I have used my education in biology and physiology as a foundation for my training program while constantly remaining open and up to date with new training techniques and research. Whatever my clients’ goals are, I apply a personalized and scientific approach to help them reach their goals as efficiently as possible. I use a personalized data template for every client to objectively track progress for any goal and to visualize results. I make my clients my priority and strive to make training both effective and fun for anyone. 

B.S. Biological Sciences, UCSB
NASM certified personal trainer 
PTEC Program Graduate 
Bulgarian Bags Certified
TRX Suspension Trainer Certified
First Aid/CPR/AED Certified
2 years of training experience with a wide variety of clients and goals

- Strength training
- Fat loss
- Performance training
- Nutrition
- Core Stabilization/Posture